Why work with Kate and Nicole? Because we can help with LOTS of things! Examples include:

  • Falling asleep independently
  • Extending naps
  • Napping independently
  • Night weaning (if appropriate)
  • Eliminating sleep props
  • Sleep regressions
  • Snoo/bassinet to crib transition
  • Crib to bed transition
  • Dropping naps
  • Setting up a peaceful sleep environment
  • Individualized SUPPORT

…and so much more!

Pediatric Sleep Foundations & More

Geared for children 10 weeks through 4 years of age. Let us take the guess work out of the routine and guide you to more restful nights and enjoyable days. This two week package is customized to help meet your child’s needs and your wants for a well rested family.


Plan Specifics

  • Individualized sleep plan with techniques for children 10 weeks through 4 years
  • 45 minute call to review sleep plan and address any questions
  • Two weeks of unlimited daytime texting support
  • 30 minute wrap up phone call to answer last questions and establish a path forward
  • Tips and tricks document for happy and predictable days and nights for common sleep issues that may arise in the future

The Extended Sleep Package

This two week package is for families who have already completed a Foundations package and desire additional support. This can be great for nap transitions, help while traveling, or getting back on track after traveling or sickness, and so much more!


Plan Specifics

  • Complete intake questionnaire form
  • 30 minute initial phone call to establish the sleep plan
  • Two weeks of unlimited daytime texting support

Ask Us Anything Call

This 45 minute call allows you to ask us any of your questions regarding sleep! This is usually reserved for return clients, but if you feel your question is simple we’re just a call away!


Don’t see your child’s age listed but want sleep help? Send us an email at to see how we can help!

All consulting services and packages are non-refundable

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