Our main goal is to aid families in creating safe and healthy sleep for everyone. Our simple approach provides families effective tools for managing children’s sleep. We are delighted you’ve decided to visit us – please browse our site to discover our story and how we can become part of your story.


We believe in the restorative properties of sleep and how a well rested body promotes a successful day. This is true not only for you, but the whole family!

We offer the support and techniques needed to help your family get back to sleeping well and enjoying each new day. We believe in working with each family to craft a program to meet your needs through a customized plan.

You love those sweet littles, but you also love predictable and easy days and nights! We’re here to help.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“We had purchased several different programs and while they were all thorough and had very similar philosophies on handling sleep training, they were missing the most important thing for me. Customization and personalization. Finding Nicole and Kate and having the personalized plan for our son was huge.”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“All the sleep resources I had read kept telling me to “stay consistent”, but what does that mean when a baby is consistently inconsistent? Their daily texts helped us understand what consistency would mean as we worked towards better sleep.”

— Juliana

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Pediatric Sleep Foundations & More

This two week package is geared for children 10 weeks through four years of age.

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The Extended Sleep Package

This two week package is for families who have already completed a Foundations package.

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Ask Us Anything Call

This 45 minute call allows you to ask us any of your questions regarding sleep!

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Sleep is a vital life skill that all children need to learn.

Kim West, The Sleep Lady

…and we’re here to help you teach those little loves of yours!

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