Successful Sleepers (3 months – 3 years)

Are you looking to reduce your little one’s night wakings, make bedtime peaceful & enjoyable, and have those glorious crib naps we all dream of?! If you are struggling to solve your child’s sleep issues, we’re confident our program is the solution.

Imagine if…

  • The thought of “bedtime” didn’t bring feelings of dread or stress
  • Your child slept 11-12 hours overnight without needing you at all
  • Naps were time you knew you had to yourself, while your child napped peacefully
  • You could stop feeding/rocking/bouncing baby to sleep and have a concise bedtime routine thus giving you your evenings back!
  • Anyone could put your little one to sleep, it didn’t have to be YOU

It’s all possible, and less than 3 weeks away.

We help families teach their little ones independent sleep so you ALL are getting the rest you need. Let us take the guess work and frustration out of the process and guide you to more restful nights and enjoyable days.

Plan Specifics

  1. In Depth Sleep Assessment (Questionnaire) & Customized Sleep Plan
    • These plans are typically 10-12 pages long and will include everything you need to know to start making the necessary changes and reach your goals.
  2. 45 minute training call
    • We’ll review the sleep plan together to make sure you feel 100% prepared and confident!
  3. Daily text/voice support & sleep log review (3 weeks)
    • We will be with you to troubleshoot, pivot the plan if necessary, answer any questions, AND celebrate the wins with you!
  4. 6 months of follow up support as needed
    • You’ll have a successful sleeper by this point, but want you to be supported to handle any nap transitions, sickness, or regressions that throw off sleep!

Plus these Bonuses!

  • Graduation Guide for information on avoiding/dealing with common sleep disturbers.
  • 0-3 year Master Sleep Chart & Wake Window Schedules to guide you through sleep changes as your child grows.

“Sleep is a game changer, Nicole saved my life!! Finn and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I only wish I had called sooner!”

Natasha, mama of 8mo Finn

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