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Nicole Double, Pediatric Sleep Consultant (Denver, Colorado)

My first daughter was a HARD newborn. Within the first weeks of life she would spend hours a day screaming, and I don’t mean crying. My husband could be outside and hear my daughter screaming inside the house. It was heartbreaking and we were in survival mode, both days and nights. What was initially labeled as colic, we later discovered was a dairy intolerance, diagnosed at 6 weeks old. While it was emotional receiving the diagnosis, it was relieving to finally understand how I could help her overcome the pain she was in. New parents are bombarded with the unknown, so identifying an area of focus is empowering!

Why do I share all this? Because the next thing I realized I could help her conquer was her sleep. As you can imagine, when a baby’s tummy hurts, it doesn’t lend nicely to sleep! My daughter had ALL the sleep props- nursing to sleep, bouncing to sleep, held for naps, you name it. It was becoming unmanageable. Forty minutes of work to get her to sleep for a 30 minute “crap nap!” Not to mention the hourly night wakings. So, I dove in deep with sleep research and came up with a plan to get her sleeping independently (once she was no longer in pain from dairy!)

We soon had a happy, healthy, well rested baby. It was life changing for all of us to be rested, she was so much happier and we were able to enjoy life as a family so much more! Fast forward to the birth of our second daughter (21 months apart!), and I was ready this time. We started with healthy sleep habits from Day 1. Establishing a nap and bedtime routine, using age appropriate wake times, and keeping her sleep area relaxing and dark are all ways to set the stage for solid sleep. Notice none of that involves sleep training! Instead we were setting up good habits for our second daughter. We did use formal sleep training steps when she was older and it was a much quicker and easier process than it was for our first, since we had such a solid foundation!

I am passionate about baby sleep, and I love to solve these sleep puzzles! I currently work as an engineer, hence my background and love for problem solving. When I’m not working, I love spending time in the mountains with my family. I’d love to help you and your family achieve sleep, we can figure this out together!

Kate Alt, Pediatric Sleep Consultant (Findlay, Ohio)

As first-time parents, my husband and I never felt so unprepared. I had read the books, done the research, and then we came home from the hospital with our son and felt this huge gap in knowledge. We are both healthcare professionals and thought we had a handle on the importance of sleep and an established routine. The readings and research I had done got us through delivery, but what about managing a routine at home? We kept looking at each other wondering when will he sleep next? Does he need fed now? Didn’t he just wake up from a nap? Those first few days felt like a blur, but I remember as we celebrated each new day we praised the fact that we had an invaluable resource at our fingertips: my closest friend, Nicole Double. 

Every day Nicole would check in on my family and help guide us in creating a strong foundation of sleep habits. She taught us about eat-wake-sleep cycles, age-appropriate wake windows, and so much more. We were so thrilled when our son, Eli, began sleeping eight straight hours through the night at 8 weeks of age. Nicole’s dedication led us to our greatest revelation; that we could stop living in a state of confusion and live in a structured, but flexible, routine. This routine provided us with immense freedom. We could predict feedings, naps, and bedtime each day, which allowed us to enter the new day with a plan.

I joined Nicole in her passion for pediatric sleep because I realized that every parent should have the gift of encouragement, support, and a good night’s sleep! I am a better parent and wife because of the healthy sleep habits and the routine that we have been able to create for our family.

I enjoy coaching people and watching them grow to meet their goals. As a pharmacist I have the ability to work each day with individuals to help them achieve their personal health goals; sleep is another aspect of health that I have found to be a personal passion. In my free time, I love to spend time with my son, husband, family, and friends, catching up over good food or a hike. I am grateful for the chance to work with your family and I have full faith that by working together, we can enhance your family’s plan for more peaceful days and more restful nights!

Kate and Nicole are Certified Sleep Consultants through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management.

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