Real families with real stories of sleep success.


Nicole and Kate were awesome! We have a 21 month old and a 3.5 year old. We worked on our younger child first (which was the hardest) and they we’re with us all the way! Even when our little one got sick, they were very understanding and worked closely with us to achieve our goals! Then we did our older child and so glad we did! We had concerns with upcoming events and holidays but we talked through them and they recommended we jump right in – so glad we did!! It’s a tough process but they we’re so supportive and we couldn’t imagine having done it without them! The whole process was personalized and exactly what we needed. Thank you thank you! Can’t recommend them enough!


We cannot say enough good things about Little Loves Consulting. We reached out to Kate and Nicole when our son was 5 months old to help with early morning wakings and short naps. During our initial phone consultation they provided us with clear strategies and a detailed plan to begin using as soon as we wanted, we started the next day! Immediately our baby went from 30 minute naps to 90 minutes naps. Even better, better napping created better night time sleep. We didn’t even need to make night time adjustments. But without them we never would have been able to overcome short naps to get to better nights. 

All the sleep resources I had read kept telling me to “stay consistent”, but what does that mean when a baby is consistently inconsistent? Their daily texts helped us understand what consistency would mean as we worked towards better sleep. It was especially nice to be able to text throughout the day as questions would come up. Each text was the perfect mix of support, encouragement, and understanding. I will miss the morning “good morning” and nightly “good night”.

Finally, the final phone consultation is more of a graduation ceremony. Our little one was sleeping better and we could start planning for the next stages. Nicole and Kate are obviously very passionate about sleep, and I was nervous for our relationship to end. However, they reinforced how far we had come and gave us great tools and suggestions for moving forward that proved to me we had made the right decision, they wanted us to continue to sleep well with and without them! 

It truly “takes a village” and Little Loves is now a part of our “village”. After working with Little Loves we can excitedly say our baby is 100% a better napper, and the whole family is sleeping through the night. I cannot wait to recommend them to family and friends.


My 9 month old baby was still waking up 3 times a night for feedings, and wasn’t able to nap in her crib. She was held on someone’s lap in a rocking chair for every nap from birth to 9 months. We had tried so many different things to try to get her sleeping better, but nothing worked. Nicole and Kate’ sleep plan worked immediately for us. The first night she only woke up once, and the first day she napped in her crib for 1.5 hours. It has been a few weeks since our time with Nicole and Kate ended, and she is still sleeping through the night, and napping independently. If your kiddo is having trouble sleeping, working with Nicole and Kate is definitely worth a shot!


For some reason, the last thing I thought would be a challenge was sleep with a new baby. I figured that sleep just happened when it was needed, and babies just figured it out as they grew, and it all worked out. My experiences had just been stories I’d heard from family or friends and the sentiment was really one of two things; just let them sleep with you, or go sleep with them. While I love my first son to death, I knew I wanted him to be able to sleep independently as he’d get better sleep and more restorative rest in his own bed. Flash forward a few months with a newborn and I had done quite a bit of research on sleep and was shocked to find out how scientific it really is. And more importantly, how important good sleep was to lead to more good sleep. You think ‘oh they’re extra tired from no naps today, they’ll sleep al night’ NO! SO WRONG. Or ‘oh they’ll sleep when they need it and just let them sleep as much as they want’ NO! SO WRONG. We had purchased several different programs and while they were all thorough and had very similar philosophies on handling sleep training, they were missing the most important thing for me… Customization and personalization. Finding Nicole and Kate and having the personalized plan for our son was huge. While it aligned with what I had researched and learned to do, it was so much more than that. I was able to ask questions about the ‘what if’ scenarios that you just can’t ask with an ebook. I was able to play out scenarios of the ‘what if’ before it even happened so I was prepared and felt equipped. And most importantly, I felt supported in the journey and didn’t feel like I had to go ‘refer to page 57’ to find a potential solution. It was huge for our family to work with Nicole and Kate because we had reached a plateau in our sleep progress and would not have made it any further without their coaching. The best part is as our baby grows we know what we’re supposed to do regarding wake windows, nap transitions, and challenges as they come. I was especially appreciative of the fact that both are moms, and not just moms NEW moms where sleep issues are at the forefront of their minds. We really can’t say enough how critical finding Nicole and Kate was to our success and in turn our restfulness. You never know how important sleep is until you aren’t getting it and you never realize how hard it is to help a little one learn to sleep until you have to! I would highly recommend working with Nicole and Kate to every mom.

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