Newborn Sleep Foundations (4-12 weeks old)

Congrats on the recent birth of your baby! While you undoubtedly love your sweet new bundle to pieces, we (personally) know the newborn days are not always easy.

There’s a lot on your plate, including:

  • feeding
  • constant diaper changes
  • squeezing in tummy time
  • Doctor appointments
  • deciding if/when to introduce a pacifier
  • looking up “Best Ways to Burp a Baby” on Youtube
  • juggling visitors
  • and attempting to sneak in as much sleep as possible…

What if…

  • That list above wasn’t overwhelming because you did know exactly what your baby needed when they cried
  • You felt confident and knowledgeable about handling your newborn’s needs throughout the day
  • You were able to extend night time stretches
  • You were able to lay baby down for a nap and have some time to yourself!

All of this is possible.

Allow us to take the stress away from the 4th trimester so you and your family can enjoy your newborn as much as possible! We help newborn families work on and practice independent sleep for their newborns. What’s even better? Some of the families we work with do not have to “sleep train” down the road by establishing healthy sleep habits early on!

Are you sick of hearing…

  • You just had a baby, you won’t be sleeping again for awhile
  • You can’t sleep training until baby is older
  • Just enjoy the snuggles now, you can always shower tomorrow
  • The phrase “Tired as a Mother” … my personal irritation

Then this program is for you. We’re proud to offer support through these newborn sleep challenges. Program details are below!

Plan Specifics (ages 4 – 12 weeks)

  1. In Depth Sleep Assessment (Questionnaire) & Customized Sleep Shaping Guide
    • These guides are typically 10-12 pages long and will include everything you need to know to start making the necessary changes and reach your goals.
  2. 45 minute training call
    • We’ll review the sleep shaping guide together to make sure you feel 100% prepared and confident!
  3. Daily text/voice support & sleep log review (4 weeks)
    • We will be with you to troubleshoot, pivot the plan if necessary, answer any questions, AND celebrate the wins with you!

Plus these bonuses!

  • Graduation Guide for information on avoiding/dealing with common sleep disturbers.
  • 0-3 year Master Sleep Chart & Wake Window Schedules to guide you through sleep changes as your child grows.

After these 4 weeks, you’ll have a much better sleeper than before and will feel confident of how to stay in control of your newborn’s days and nights.

But, if you are struggling with things like.. dropping the last night feed, solidifying independent naps, or effects of the 4 month sleep regression.. our Newborn program graduates receive a 20% discount on our Sleep Training Programs if you need help down the road!

“This has been a challenging but great experience. We learned a lot more on properly caring for Tiana and we see the amazing results. You all are life savers!!” – Tiesha

Ready to enroll? We can get started in as little as 48 hours. Click here to enroll in the Newborn Sleep Foundations Program ($500)

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